Monday, January 4, 2021

AUTOTRON 1700 - Teensy Shortcut Buttons

Wanted to cook up a shortcut button thing for common work tasks. Had some 30mm arcade buttons laying around. Man I searched and searched for a 3d printable box to house 30mm buttons in. I could not find anything, most boxes use the 24mm arcade buttons. Me updating a CAD drawing is a no go so I was able to find the top plate with 30mm holes and used it. Had a cardboard box laying around and threw some stickers on that bad boi, there ya go the AUTOTRON1700

So I used a Teensy cause it shows up as a Keyboard. I was currently using Auto Hot Key ( for keyboard macros. This allows me to use some key strokes to launch something. For example CRTL+SHIFT+1 will copy a SQL Script I use often to the clipboard so I can paste it and run it. CRTL+SHIFT+2 will launch our team wiki web site. Stuff I use often at work. 

You can use this to launch anything really. Anyway so I used Auto Hot Key to setup the macros I wanted and then programmed the Teensy to send the Keystrokes needed to launch the macro.

Works pretty well. As mentioned I wasn't able to find a printable box but I think the sweet cardboard gives it a better feel anyway. It's a little to large but plenty of room for wiring and stuff.


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