Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Work Temps

Took the ol Laser Infrared Thermometer to work last week and recorded temps of things around the desk. Far left is the Baseline temp. The Up/Down trends are between each recording. The Temp Diff column on the  far right is the difference between the 4:14PM reading on 2/5 and the 7:40AM reading on 2/6.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Basement Temperature

Startingt to look at some of this data the Arduino is producing. I am recording the temperature in the basement every minute. The chart below shows the recordings from 1/24/2013 - 2/1/2013. The Orange is the Standard Deviation line.

Looks like we had a spike starting on 1/28 @ 12:13PM and lasting to 1/29 @ 9:02PM. We had unseasonably warm temperatures on Monday 1/28 so I bet that would explain the spike.

Today is the coldest day in 2 years so I’ll be interested to see how far the temp dips today.