Friday, May 31, 2013

Chiefs 2012 Review - First Down Play Calling

Last year was a tough year to be a Chiefs fan. Cautiously optimistic and hoping for the best this year. Here are some numbers from the 2012 debacle.

First Down Play calling

The cheifs had a total of 436 First Downs, 22nd in the league. That stat doesn’t mean a whole lot. Two possible explanations for first down counts are You stink, or you have a lot of big plays on offense. The Chiefs called a pass play 36% of the time on First Down compared to 64% rush play calls. League average pass play call on first down is 46% vs 54% for rushing play calls.

Here is the pass vs rush play calls on first down by quarter for the Chiefs and the entire NFL

1st quarter shows heavy run for the Chiefs. Trying to establish the run early at 73% of the plays run plays. Well above the 58% league percentage. The rush play call on 1st down is lopsided in every quarter for the Chiefs except the 4th quarter. At this point in the game the Chiefs have to start passing since they were typically losing.

The sample size is too small to predict the play on 1st down, but it will be interesting to see 2013 stats with a new quarterback and new head coach.


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