Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Analysis

Both boys fresh off school Valentines parties, I decided it would be fun to gather some stats on Valentines received. We have a total of 24 Valentines, seems like we are missing some but that is all the boys made it home with. Some basic insights.

  • Surprising number of homemade valentine's were received. The boys received a total of 5 home valentines comprising of 20.8% of all valentines received.
  • For the number of ladies in the boys class we received a lower percentage of girly valentines than estimated. Girly being comprised of Disney Princesses, Hello Kitty, etc. 6 total Girly Valentines were received.
  • Aniamls had a strong showing with 33.33% of all Valentines featuring some kind of animal. The category used the term animal pretty liberally as Hello Kitty valentines were included in this count.
  • Vehicles made up 20.83% of all Valentines received. I included Turbo the snail in vehicles, that could be considered a stretch.

One of the homemade Valentines had a cookie. That seemed awesome. Luke made out a lot better in the candy department. 

Is Elmo an animal? I counted him as a monster.


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