Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Extra Long Lasting Flavor metrics

So me and a friend took a pack of Extra Classic Bubble for a spin to figure out exactly how long "Long Lasting Flavor" truly is. After 30 sticks we determined that "Long Last Flavor" equals exactly 17 minutes and 35 seconds.

The instructions were simple, but you'd have to know my friend JB to know he would find a way to hose up this extremely precise scientific experiment. At least he is willing to go on those cooky data collection quests with me at times.

The instructions were to chew the gum until it made you want to barf. Chew the entire pack (15 pieces) and track the start time and duration of every piece. Here is the data for Every piece.

Below is a chart of each piece.

Enjoy this chart of many colors for the AVG, MIN, MAX, STDDEV, and Correlation breakdowns.

From the data we can make some observations
  • JB really burned through the gum, sometimes only chewing a piece for a minute. He later explained that his primary use for gum is to freshen his breath. Like I mentioned earlier, who needs instructions really.
  • Extra Classic Bubble flavor does not last very long. 
  • Friday was a popular day for Joe's gum chewing tests.
  • JB preferred Wednesdays as the gum chewing test days of choice.

In one final test I brought in 2 other testers to see how long we could chew a piece of Extra Classic Bubble. JB of course steps up to the challenge here and beats my time by about 19 minutes. Tester A came in second with a time of 3 hours 41 minutes. Tester M though is an animal. He turned in a time of 20 hours 20 minutes and 15 seconds earning him the Forrest Gumption Arbitrary Achievement for chewing a piece of Extra Classic Bubble that long.


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