Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sweet Tea Speed Runs

How long, on aveage, does it take you to make some Sweet Tea? Man I loves me some sweet tea. Drink it just about every day. I make it just about every day after lunch at work. I started wondering how long it takes me to walk over to the kitchen, make the tea, and return to my desk.

I broke the sweet tea run into 3 sections. The approach to the kitchen, the actual brew time, and the return trip to the desk. The kitchen is roughly 90 steps from my desk. Using average stride of 30" that translates to 225 feet.

The brew step goes as follows.

  1. Wash out my cup. I use a reusable cup from home.
  2. Add sugar to cup
  3. Grab Tea bag
  4. Fill cup with enough hot water to cover the sugar and tea bag
  5. Stir the hot water and sugar vigorously
  6. Fill the cup up with cold water leaving enough room for ice
  7. Fill the rest of the cup with ice (pick up any ice you drop and throw it in the sink)

I tracked 21 Sweet tea runs.

  • The longest trip was 3 minutes and 47 seconds. I had a note on this run indicating that the cup washing process took longer than normal because I had not used the cup after a long weekend and it was prety gross.
  • Slowest approach was 51.93 seconds. That is about 2.9 mph. Must have been tired after a workout.
  • Slowest Brew time was 2 minutes and 19 seconds. Note indicates there was a slow lady at the water fill up station. I think she was reading a book. Get out the way peeps.
  • Best time was 2 minutes and 52 seconds. This was powered by the fastest brew time and a below average approach and return.
  • Quickest among the approach and return times was 40.58 seconds for a blazing 5.5 miles per hour. Look out folks.
Here is a chart showing each phase. The Red line is the brew time. The blue line is the approach time and the green line is the return time.

Finally here is a chart plotting the total times for the Sweet Tea Speed Runs.

  • Approach: 46.47 seconds
  • Brew: 1 minute 49.85 seconds
  • Return: 47.32 seconds


  1. What do you use for a timer? I have an idea for timing putting kids to bed.

  2. Just the stopwatch on my wrist watch. It is a Timex with a lap counter. I used the lap counter to time each segment.

  3. OK, thanks. Maybe I shouldn't be against wearing things on my wrist.