Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meeting and Email Cost Calculators

I don't know about you but I hate meetings and useless emails. So much time wasted in the corporate world today on meetings and emails. How do we combat this huge waste? I think one of the first steps is awareness. One quick and easy way to make someone aware of the waste involved in emails and meetings is to quantify it. I created some calculators to quantify meeting and email waste.

I present the Improvidence Monday-Friday 8 to 5 web site:

  • Work Day Efficiency Calculator - Calculate how efficient your work day is. This calculator takes your meeting time and time spent on useless emails to quantify how much of your day is wasted on such mind numbing tasks.
  • Meeting Cost Calculator - Calculate how much a meeting costs the company in lost productivity time.
  • Email Cost Calculator - Quantify how much money that awesome reply all thread costs the company in time lost.

  • Here is a screen shot from a recent email thread I was apart of.


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