Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Torque2 Version 1: How long is your commute

"How long is your commute?" I chuckle to myself when someone asks that question. My typical response is "It depends, Morning or Evening?" From here the conversation can progress one of several ways.

  • If response = eye roll then quickly changed the subject "How is the weather?", "Did you see {insert lame popular with the masses game/reality/competition show name here} last night?
  • If response = curiosity then proceed cautiously with follow up data...Typically Wednesday PM commutes are shorter, gauging interest, quickly reverting to game/reality/competition show conversation if necessary.
  • If response = red pill/blue pill type reaction then show them the site, and maybe even live demo the system of data collection to them (this happened one time)

Anyway based on the response of the person they may or may not see the Torque2 web site. I am using this site to present data about the to and from work commutes. Questions like how long is your commute, what is the fastest speed recorded in your commutes, Average MPG, etc are all answered with some snazzy looking charts and stuff.

The site has a few moving parts and pieces
  • OBD Adapter - several out there. I have been really happy with this one: 
  • Torque App for Android - This app is well worth the $5 dollars you are going to spend. Fantastic app that reads data from the OBD adapter over Bluetooth. 
  • CSV File - The Torque app spits out a CSV file with data for every second of your commute
  • Database - The CSV file is loaded into a database in order to crunch the numbers
  • Stored Procedures - A set of stored procedures were written to crunch and expose the data
  • Web site - The Torque website was built using the Foundation Framework mobile first design. It plays decent on mobile browsers (still tweaking) and the framework just works right out of the box.

The Future

I am working on some metrics to gauge aggressive driving, such as sudden RPM increases, sudden speed decreases, etc. the create an overall aggressive driving metric. I started this a while back with Torque version 1, but would like to finish it up and create an aggressive driving metric page.



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