Monday, November 17, 2014

Starburst 2-Pack Combo Findings

Coop and I started a discussion after dinner one evening about which 2-Pack Starburst combo was the best. A debate ensued which led me to make this.

Not completely satisfied with the results I quickly created a survey and sent it out to some folks. I also thought I would be a good idea to make a web site to house future surveys. So now going forward when we have these quick little surveys, I'll send out a link to

Some people responded and here are the findings.

  • Pink Pink wins by a land slide as the best 2-Pack Starburst combo.
  • Top 3 combos
    • Pink Pink - 8.67
    • Pink Red - 8.20
    • Red Red - 7.33
  • Worst combo is Yellow Yellow with an average ranking of 2.13
  • However 6.67% of the voters thought Yellow Yellow was the best.
  • My guess is the same 6.67% of the voters gave Pink Pink the Lowest rating
  • Best Combos in order
    • Pink Pink
    • Pink Red
    • Red Red
    • Pink Orange
    • Red Orange
    • Pink Yellow
    • Orange Orange
    • Red Yellow
    • Orange Yellow
    • Yellow Yellow
  • Yellow is the least desired color. Pink is strong enough to boost the Pink Yellow combo over Orange Orange. Assuming that folks that score a Pink Yellow just pitch the Yellow in the trash.


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