Monday, December 1, 2014

Energy Usage

It's time for the annual "How much power does the Christmas tree consume" game. I know you were all chomping at the bit, frantically hitting F5 on the blog here in anticipation. I typically use my Energy Calculator Google Sheet to perform the calculation, however this year I thought it would be fun to throw together a quick web site energy usage calculator (optimized for mobile of course) using the Foundation Framework we all know and have grown to love.

Without further ado, here are this year's numbers:


  • We have a total of 12 x 100 light strands for a total of 1200 lights.
  • The lights are separated into 3, 4 strand chains (kept blowing strands last year)
  • The tree is pulling a total of 225 watts
  • Total cost for 1 hour of tree operation $0.02475
  • Rough projection of tree usage: 125 hours (4 hours/day for 25 days + some fudge)
  • Grand total of $3.03 {high hat crash psshshshshshs}

There you go folks: $3.03 total cost. If you want to see how much power your various appliances are using, I recommend you pick up a Kill-A-Watt. These are great stocking stuffers for the power conscious and/or stats lover on your Christmas list.

You can use the Energy Usage site to plug in your values here:


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