Monday, January 5, 2015

2015: The year of the Homemade Hummus

As we ring in another year we here at thejoestory tech embark on a new culinary quest. The Homemade Hummus Quest challenge of 2015. Each month we will try a new recipe in an effort to find the best tasting, easy prep cost effective homemade hummus. Each recipe will contain a grand total of 5 ingredients.

Of course what would be a new thejoestory tech quest without a website to go with it?

Here you will find each recipe, pictures, date prepared and an overall rating of each hummus recipe. 


This month we tried Pesto Hummus. Again we are working to keep cost low, prep easy, and taste high. I used a pesto pouch from the seasoning aisle and some of the finest Always Save Grated Aged Parmesan cheese. Of course we could step up our game on the quality of ingredients and I am sure the outcome would be better. However one of the goals of the Hummus Quest 2015 is to keep costs down and preparation as easy as possible.


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