Monday, November 2, 2015

Candy Tracker 2016

Round 2 of the Candy Tracker. I was able to get a few more candy loggers this year as we embarked on another Halloween Candy Haul. The SweetSpots map was on hot with candy logging action. Let's see how the night unfolded.

First Stop TLC

TLC kicks the night off from 3PM-5PM.  a great way to get a candy score before dinner. It is the earliest event around our town so of course it makes sense to hit it first and hit it hard. My boy Luke threw such a fit getting his Thor costume on (refused to take a nap) that we didnt realize he wasn't wearing shoes when we got to TLC. Oh well, we are not going to let a couple sore 4 year old feet slow us down on our first score (it is a short walk don't hot line me).

You can guarnetee you are going to get some "Gimmicky Garbage" here at the TLC Trunk or treat. We were not let down.  A small box of tissues, a first aid kit (pretty cool on any other night), and some new frisbees (to add to the 2 from last year). They also had a ring toss and a bean bag game where you got to pick out some trinkets from the bucket. The Kleenex box rated right up there with the Twizzlers at a 3/10. The only other red score here was the dreaded Almond Joy. Coop actually made an attempt to eat an Almond Joy, he knew the error of his ways about .2 seconds in. 

Second Stop the Square

Second stop of the night was the Liberty Square. We had to book it back home to get Luke some shoes for this haul. This one involved a little more walking. This event is from 5PM-7PM. Again another great way to score a ton of candy in a small area. As an added double bonus there is also a great Trunk or Treat just 1 block from the square as you can see on the SweetSpots map.

The Liberty Square is what we call a pure candy score. Businesses can't afford to let the kids down here, so they hand out candy. We had 1 red pin here but it was actually a combo score of Gimmicky Garbage and candy. The Gimmicky Garbage was a stress ball which was involved later in the night in a brother on brother battle royal where said stress balls were taken away.

The Trunk or Treat off the square is a decent spot for candy. It has a great candy to distance walked ratio. However as you can see there are a couple folks who haven't read the rules of proper candy dispersion. Some poor lady was trying to give out Colgate toothpaste. I was so proud of my little Thor when he just flat refused to take the toothpaste and walked past her.

Last Stop Grandma's

We made a final stop, after hitting Chipolte for 3$ burritos, at Grandma's neighborhood. This is more of a tradition then a good strategy for maximizing our candy score. Grandma's street does have a lot of houses that participate so it's not a terrible score. Usually by this time I am pretty much Halloween-ed out. That and we were wanting to catch Game 4 of the World Series to cheer on our Royals.

I logged a few pieces and we called it a night.

Friends of thejoestory

As I mentioned I had a few more people log candy this year. My Gladstone friends were logging crazy. Look at all those pins.

A quick review of the data and I did not find any green pins. Man what gives. So I started looking more closely. 

PB cups a 7? Milky Way a 6? Twix a 6? Kit Kat a 6? Tough candy crowd out at Gladstone. They are not totally crazy because Swedish Fish and Nerds were properly rated at a 2 and 3. Team Gladstone did not rate a single piece of candy higher than a 7. Wonder what Gladstone folks think is a 8,9 or 10 piece of candy.

We had a few other pieces logged throughout the metro. 


All and all not a bad candy haul this year. We had Thor and a Jedi so we doubled up on Candy. We are sending a large bag up to school with Coop to give to the Troops. Thanks for all who logged candy. Here are the counts.

  • 126 total pieces logged. 
  • Heath bar gets an unfair advantage cause it is one of my favorites. 
  • Snickers and Kit Kat were among the most popular. 
  • Healthy at a 4 was the toothpaste...seems a little high but I was rating on utility.

81Heath Bar
7.333Hershey Bar
73Crunch Bar
6.52Laffy Taffy
6.4511Kit Kat
6.388Tootsie Roll
6.254Reeses PB Cups
62Milk Duds
63Milky Way
5.8363 Muskateers
51Sweet Tarts
3.52Almond Joy
3.52Tootsie Roll Pop
3.297Gimmicky Garbage
31Jolly Rancher
21Swedish Fish


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