Monday, May 23, 2016

Sizzlin Sirloins Game 2: Sirloins power past Herbisaurs for Win 2

After a close game 1 victory the Sirloins kept their winning ways in a matchup against the Herbisaurs in Game 2 of the 2016 season.

Casey Royal got the 2nd inning run explosion started with a leadoff double. Benny Rodriguez followed up with a single to right. In stepped Jake Pounders who pounded a 3-run 426 Foot blast to right field. Hole Camels bloops a single into right followed by a Willy Mays Hayes single.

Green Gras hits a double to right to make the score 4-0.

The Herbisaurs flashed some leather with a sweet 2 out snag at third by Henny Hampster.

Not to be outdown Hole Camels started a sweet double play in the bottom half of the second.  Camels showing his skill at the plate with a triple off the top of the wall in the 4th. Green Gras then hits a towering 2-Run 433 ft blast to center to make the score 6-0.

Hammer adds a RBI single in the 9th to increase the lead 8-2. Wild Thing Vaughn is called in to close it down. The Sirloins add another tick in the W column.

The 3 Stars of the Game

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sizzlin Sirloins Game 1: Harry Butts tosses a gem

The Sizzling Sirloins are off to a hot start after their ace Harry Butts tosses an 8 inning 1 earned run gem to kick off the season with a 1 in the W column.

The Sirloins got on the board first in the bottom of the 2nd inning when Casey Royal leads off with a double. Followed by a Jake Pounders double to Center Field scoring Casey.

Opposing pitcher Jovita Pulo helped out his cause in the third scoring on a Casey Royal throwing error to tie the game. Harry Butts gets some help from his defense Green Gras knocks down a laser and makes the play. Hammer Longballo smokes a 436ft bomb to center to give the Sirloins the lead in the 6th frame.

Bottom of the 8th saw some more action as Hammer starts off the inning with a single. Casey Royal lines one off of Pulo and the runners are safe at first and second. Pulo may have been razzled a bit after taking the line drive from Royal because he throws a mistake to Benny Rodriguez and Benny makes him pay with a three run jack to center. 432ft titanic blast.

Wild Thing Vaughn comes in and gives up a few garbage runs but starts a double play to finish up the game.

The 3 starts of the game were Harry Butts, Benny Rodriguez and Hammer Longballo

Friday, May 20, 2016

Super Mega Baseball Season 1

Thought it would be fun to start a league on Super Mega Baseball and follow them like a beat reporter/sports reporting for a few weeks this summer. I will track the team's games and progress. I hope to have video highlights of games, player interviews, etc

I enlisted the help of some friends to name the team. I received several naming ideas and whittled them down to 18 players to fill the roster. It is my pleasure to prsent the 2016 Sizzlin Sirloins.


Jack Longballo1BPart 1 of the Longballo Bros. Jack no where near the athlete of his bro Hammer but he can mash
Green Gras2BWirey second basement called up from the Triple A team in Cheboygan. Usually nervous and squirrely
Benny RodriguezSSMeteoric rise from the Sandlot to the Sizzling Sirloins Starting Short Stop.
Jake Pounders3BCompetes with Hammer to see who can crush the ball the farthest. Hates Green M&Ms
Casey RoyalLFAll American kid from Clarksville, TN. Country Strong can go deep effortlessly
Willy Mays HayesCF"Don't your guys go anywhere, I plan to put on a hitting display".
Hammer LongballoRFPart 2 of the Longballo Bros. Hammer is a 5 Tool player and with the Mojo to back it up.
Glovey McGlovefaceCBaseball is Glovey's second career. He runs a high power hedge fund in NYC. Sometimes he wears one of this Bluetooth ear pieces closing deals during the game.
Joltn Joe GarageiolaBenchOK Power, great contact. Ol Joltn Joe can give you a hit when you need it. Has some peculiar pregrame rituals.
Skweez BundtBenchShort Pop Fly power, can barely make contact but can field decently with a decent arm. No surprises what Skweez is up to when he is called in to hit.
Jacque StrapBenchWith a name like his you at least need confidence. 99 Mojo, dude is energetic to say the least. Locker next to Hammer, which Hammer complains about often.
Sabre MetricsBenchSpeed and Contact to deliver timely hits when needed. Calculates his BABIP in real time after each AB.


Harry ButtsSPThe Ace. I guess its sorta my fault when I said Middle School Humor was acceptable, but hey should be a fun season talking about Harry Butts Pitching Dominance.
Hole CamelsSPDistance cousin is a starter for the Phillies. Junk ball pitcher with great accuracy. Ground ball machine.
Blaze N. KaysSPConvinced he can throw it past anyone. Off-speed stuff is sub par so he relys too much on the heat.
Ed HarrisRPOld Ed Harris limps out of the bullpen when skip needs him.
Ross N. BaggRPNo Heat, No Junk, Not much accuracy. Ross N. Bagg pretty much just sits in the bullpen working on closing hedge fund deals with Glovey McGloveface
Ricky VaughnCPWild thing Vaughn, straight from his playing days in the California Penal League. How did you get there, "Stole a car"

Below is a list of all the players attribute values.


Jack Longballo1B532219201074
Green Gras2B502147472555
Benny RodriguezSS372234284170
Jake Pounders3B631936243363
Casey RoyalLF603021281255
Willy Mays HayesCF56160324568
Hammer LongballoRF604858435367
Glovey McGlovefaceC531019384374
Joltn Joe GarageiolaBench305418152460
Skweez BundtBench182412424260
Jacque StrapBench60181262499
Sabre MetricsBench115360131270

Harry ButtsSP73485845
Hole CamelsSP63445150
Blaze N. KaysSP54604051
Ed HarrisRP7314546
Ross N. BaggRP5531287
Ricky VaughnCP73601515

So there we have the opening day line ups. I will start the season with the EGO set at 40. The EGO is a measure of how difficult the game is. I played a pre-season game with an EGO set to 50 and was beat 9-4. Hopefully the 40 EGO will make the games nail-bitingly close. I will adjust the EGO as needed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Desk Workout Powershell

I work in IT, which means I have the opportunity to sit for about 7-8 hours a day. I hate this. Therefore I try to run over my lunch break, I purchased a desk cycle to pedal while I am sitting, and recently I added another tool to my Battle the Sedentary work lifestyle toolbox: Weights.

Me and a buddy started doing some weight trainnig at the desk. We brought in a pair of 25 pound dumbbells and a pair of 10 pound dumbbells. Now we are doing some weight training at our desk by executing burnout sets (as many as you can lift) with various exercises.

A frequency of every hour was decided on meaning at the top of every hour we would complete a burnout set of an exercise in a round robin format. Of course some days you get head down in some work and sometimes may forget to execute your burnout set. Therefore we had a need to build some kind of notification system to remind us its time to workout.

Sample Desk Wrokout Toast Notification

Thus the DeskWorkout2.ps1 script was built. The first version would pop up an HTML file based on what exercise was up in the list. This worked ok for a while, but I was looking for an excuse to use Windows 10 Toast Notifications. So I started searching around for a solution.


I quickly found a python solution that would create a Windows tosat notification. It is really straight forward and simple.

The original Desk Workout script was written in PowerShell so I searched for a PowerShell solution as well.


The PowerShell solution was created using the BurntToast Module available on Github. Since the original script was already created in PowerShell I went ahead with the PowerShell version. The Powershell Version allowed me to put a picture in there too, so that was cool.

I wrapped the Script with an hour of sleep. So now all I have to is remember to turn it on in the morning. I stored the various excercises in a local database and wrote a stored procedure to advance through the various workouts.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Flush Reminder 7000

Should be pretty self explanatory here. I have two sons at home and needless to say they have a hard time remembering to flush. Why not build a tech solution for it.

The Flush Reminder 7000 has a PIR motion sensor and a buzzer. It will sense motion and then will mark when the motion ends. If the measured time between start and ending motion is > 10 seconds the buzzer will play the Eye of Tiger tone to help them remember to flush the toilet.

The Code.

I am still tweaking the sensor position and some of the code, but it is working pretty good for a 30 minute Friday Night Arduino project. Video of the Flush Reminder 7000 in action.