Monday, July 29, 2013

Cardinals vs Braves since 1990

Few of my friends like to trash talk Cardinals vs Braves. Here is how the teams compare since 1990. I chose 1990 because that is around the time I started to care about MLB and its my blog, not yours.

I did run some numbers for the entire history of the two teams. Cardinals own the overall games won total by an impressive 411 games. However remember that at one point in the history of the Braves, they were called the Boston Beaneaters. Not sure how you expect to field a good team with a name like that. Cardinals also lead the overall head to head record 1060-957 (.526).

However since 1990:

  • Braves lead in overall wins by 154 games

  • Cardinals have been in the playoffs 10 times

  • Braves have been in the playoffs 16 times

  • Cardinals have been to 3 World Series and have a record of 2-1

  • Braves have been to 5 world Series and have a record of 1-4

  • Braves lead the head-to-head record 115-85

Click Image for a larger version.


So one could easily say in recent history that Braves have been better than the Cardinals. Remember though you can make the numbers say exactly what you want (and I do not like the Cardinals).

I can almost hear the Cardinal tears being cried how this is not fair, or claiming how high their attendance numbers have been, or total World Series counts or something.

The Cardinals have had a long storied history of excellence and the Braves have had an extended run of excellence over the past two decades. Hey as a Royals fan, I really have nothing to say. We had some glory years in the 80s. Fans of the Cardinals and Braves have it good. 

I guess as a Royals fan we do have one thing to say: “Safe” -Don Denkinger Game 6 10/26/1985.


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