Thursday, August 8, 2013

PowherShell Mass download with Credential

I needed a PowerShell script to download several images from my web server. The images were in a password protected area of my web site. At first I was receiving 401 errors due to lack of authentication. So I just had to add the Get-Credential module under the System.Net.WebClient. This prompted me for a password and boom the download worked as planned.

The $i is used to denote the number in the loop. As you can see my pictures had an interesting naming format since I just exported these out of picasa as JPG. The pics were originally shot as RAW files from my Nikon

$storageDir = "C:dl"
$webclient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
$webclient.Credentials =Get-Credential
$i = 6900
do {
$url = "http://your$i.nef.jpg"
$file = "$storageDir$i.jpg"
while ($i -le 7548)


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