Monday, January 6, 2014

Seinfeld Episode Ratings Data

Found a cool feature on IMDB today (probably an old feature, just finally stumbled on it). IMDB allows users to make lists of movies and shows. Several people have made all kinds of list. I stumbled today on the Seinfeld episode list.

The best part about the list at IMDB is it provides a way to export the data to CSV. The export includes the IMDB rating score. I grabbed the CSV, imported it into SQL, and started running some queries. From there of course I  made some charts in Excel.

Best Seasons by IMDB Rating

Top 20 Episodes

  Aveage Episode Rating: 8.59
Top Episode: Tie 9.4, The Contest Season 3 - 1992, The Soup Nazi Season 6 - 1995
Lowest Rated Episode: 7.5, The Dog Season 2 - 1991

Pretty cool find. I am going to check out some more lists. You can create your own lists as well after creating an account. Should be fun.


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