Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Treadmill TV Viewing Option Analysis

I enjoy running. I despise running on a treadmill. At least the gym I am a member of offers 6 TV viewing options in an attempt to cancel out the crapiness of running on a treadmill. Here is an analysis of the viewing options during today's lunch run. This is a totally arbitrary watchability metric I concocted out of thin air.

Fox Local - Local 12:00PM news. At least the 12:00PM team is not as wonky as the 9:00PM team. You tune into the 9PM team because its a train wreck and you want to watch the show. Of course weather lady was indicating a chance for more snow this week so that knocked it down a bit.

ESPN2 - First Take. There is only so much Chip Bayless one can take in a week. Since this was my second dreadmill run of the week I had reached my Chip Bayless quota for the month. However First Take finished second in the watchability rating barely eeking out a victory over Fox Local.

Photo Stream - This is a photo stream of the various programs, trainers, and sevices offered at the gym. All of the photos are sized incorrectly to the 16:9 resolution ratio of the TV. So every picture and video is blurry and/or stretched. So annoying.

Fox News - Ahh yes the typical right wing slanted news perspective. "Thanks Obama". I am a conservative but it is hard to watch this "news" outlet at times. Those times are most times.

CBS - Bold and the Beautiful. I kid you not at one point on the closed caption it stated - Heather: [Heavy Breathing]. Heather was a 50s something blonde lady who looked more like a 70s something blonde lady. Guess that Bold in all actuality means Old, whereas beautiful does not mean beautiful. Of course that is a synopsis based on exactly 23 seconds of viewing. That was about all I could stand to look at. I'd rather run on a treadmill than watch that show, and that is saying something.

ESPN - Sports Center. Can't really go wrong with Sports Center for a guy that enjoys watching and playing sports. Main problem is this TV was on the end so I had to turn my head. It is hard enough not to fly off a treadmill for me looking forward.


  1. That can't be accurate. I love Bold and the Beautiful!!! Where did you get your data?

  2. What's up with this comment approval process? Don't trust the public? Are you some kind of commie or something?

  3. Poor fella. All that anger bottled up inside. Perhaps you should start an exercise program.