Friday, September 19, 2014

First Run Food Inspections

Food Inspector reports in KC are available on a dreadfully designed web site that doesn’t allow much room for creativity, as in you cannot download the data. So I started taking a run at the data with my new-found Python Web Scraping skills.
The map below is a first run at the data. i realized that my attempt to grab all the restaurants was unsuccessful. So I need to go back and tweak that a bit. However the first run report was pretty cool and worth the post: 
Full screen link here:
I am using Google Fusion tables which is gangsta if you have a ton of addresses you want to map and/or geocode. Google did all the work without any pesky API calls needed and such. You just tell it what column contains your location data and Google Does the rest.
On the map you will notice the dots are color coded.
  • Green dots are places that have less than 5 critical violations.
  • Yellow dots are places with 5 to 15 critical violations.
  • Red dots are places with over 15 critical violations
Now remember there are varying levels of criticality. I am working on grabbing the rest of the restaurant data. I am also working on a way to let you drill down and actually read the report to see how critical a critical violation is. Good times.


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