Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MLB Expected Outcomes

Stumbled on this article 10/23 about predicting MLB AB Outcomes and thought to my self "Self! that would make a decent web app". I wanted a quick way to compare batters and pitchers while watching the world series.

The article had a spreadsheet that allowed you to plug in numbers to the cells to get expected outcomes. Since he had the data already available why not make it where you can plug in various batter pitcher combos to see what happens.

I quickly realized this spreadsheet had some more math than I thought, but I was able to get something hammered out as a version 1 type site that did a decent job with the comparing. One glaring issue is the fact you have to search through the mega drop down box to find the players. I plan to change that in version 2 to create an auto suggest type feature...that is if I get around to it.

For now you can see the version 1 here: http://www.thejoestory.com/mlb_eo


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