Thursday, October 30, 2014

Twitter Status Update Python Script

Posting a status update on Twitter is very simple using Python. Here are the steps.

Youtube Demo:

  • Setup a new application for your account on
    • You will want to setup a read/write application
    • Give it a name and a URL
    • Twitter will give you 4 pieces of info you need
      • Consumer Key
      • Consumer Secret
      • Access Token
      • Access Token Secret
    • You can find all these tokens and secrets under the Keys and Access Tokens Tab on twitter.
  • Install the Python Twitter library using easy_setup
    • Head to a command prompt and run: easy_install.exe twitter
    • If you do no have Easy Install setup then google that and get it setup today. It makes adding modules to Python a cinch.
  • Write the script
    • Using your secret tokens and keys and your newly installed twitter module. Write a script like this. 


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