Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014 Halloween Haul Numbers

As mentioned in the previous post I created the Candy Tracker mobile website to track the candy received by the boys on Halloween night. I sent the link out to my friends, and as usual, it didn't exactly go viral.

I however got some good use out of it. I tried to log each piece of candy the boys received. The main hurdles to overcome where cold hands and spider man/hulk masks preventing the boys from seeing what candy they received.

SweetSpot Maps

As entries were posted to the Candy Tracker app, pins were placed on the SweetSpot Real-Time Candy Tracker map. This allowed you to see where the best candy was being doled out. Below is a review of each of the spots that were logged.

We hit a total of four places Halloween night. I did have one other person log a few pieces of candy and also pasted his maps below.

First stop of the evening was the Trunk-or-Treak over at the Liberty Clinic. As you can see it was a pretty decent score. We received 2 bags of pretzels indicated by the red pins. You'll notice the first instance of my GPS being a little off with the wild Yellow pin (sucker) off in the distance.

We did score 2 Twix, a Snickers, and a Milky Way shown by the green pins. All and all not a bad haul. Some of the trunks were decorated really cool. We also scored 3 frisbees.

Second stop of the evening was the Liberty Square. The businesses around the square hand out candy, the fireman park a fire truck and the police help direct traffic. We really like the square because you get a good amount of candy, it starts when its still daylight, and is pretty easy to guide the kids around the block. You can tell my GPS was really struggling here because all of the business are located around that center green square labeled Liberty Square. You can see the pins are all over the board.
We found some great variety here and we had only one low rated candy with a sucker rated a 3.

The third stop of the evening was another Trunk-or-Treat located a couple blocks from the square. Here we landed a dreaded Peanut Butter Chew. Other than that we made out like bandits. Good quality candy here. Oh and we also scored some pumpkin bookmarks.
Final stop of the evening was Grandma's street. Lots of yellows here in Grandma's neighborhood. It may have been that my hands were getting cold and I was getting tired of chasing the boys around. Anyway again we had some good scores mixed in with some so-so candy.

Below are a couple maps from a friend. He logged 6 pieces of candy total.

Candy Tiers

We could argue about the best candy for a long time. Most normal people would agree that Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are the best and we have the Candy Bracket to prove it. In an attempt to truly gauge the awesomeness of the 2014 Halloween Haul I split the candy into groups as follows:

  • Tier 1 - High Quality candy, the best of the best. Always chocolate. Nothing fruity makes this Tier. Strawberry Starburst is the only fruity candy that almost cracks Tier 1 barrier.
    • Examples: Twix, Snickers, Milkway
    • Surprises: Milk Duds, Reeses Pieces
  • Tier 2 - The second best candy. You eat this candy when all the Tier 1 candy is gone. Every once in a while you spread in a Tier 2 piece among the Tier 1 consumption. The high end fruity candy is here.
    • Examples: Skittles, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls
    • Surprises: Butterfinger (get stuck in your teeth), Sour patch Kids, 3 Muskateers (chocolate but not good enough for Tier 1)
  • Tier 3 - Starting to scrape bottom here. These are pieces you pick up and you actually try to convince yourself its a good idea to consume this candy
    • Examples: Mike and Ikes, Air heads, Nerds
    • Surprises: Dots (chewy fruit erasers), Sweet Tarts, Twizzlers (flavored plastic chews)
  • Tier 4 - Just head straight to the garbage with these. No use trying 
    • Examples: Gobstoppers, Almond Joy, PB Chews
    • Surprises: Banana Laffy Taffy, Peeps (just dont work on Halloween)
  • Bags - Items that were in bags, but not in other Tiers.
    • Examples: Pretzles, Fruit Snacks, Cheezits
    • Surprises: Cheese Balls
  • Suckers - All suckers were grouped together

    • Tootsie Roll Pops
    • Dum Dums
The good news is that we received a lot of Tier 1 candy. Most normal people bring out the good stuff for Halloween. 


  • A full 61% of all candy was in Tier 1 and 2.
  • Suckers were pretty huge this year coming in as 14% of all candy received.
  • 8.56% of the candy is going straight to the trash (Tier 4 stuff). We actually got 3 Sticks of gum.
  • Hourly averages indicate the 6PM was the best time for scoring good quality candy
    • 5PM Average Rating: 6.08
    • 6PM Average Rating: 6.8
    • 7PM Average Rating: 6.16

Candy Ratings

Here is how the candy rated over all. Milky Way scored the highest average rating. Not just because its my favorite, but because its the best. Laffy Taffy with a surprise 7 rating. I chalk this up to not knowing we landed a Banana Laffy Taffy.

ItemAvg Rating
Milky Way8.50
Tootsie Roll Pop8.00
Reeses Pieces8.00
Kit Kat8.00
Crunch Bar7.40
Laffy Taffy7.00
Milk Duds7.00
Tootsie Roll6.20
3 Muskateers5.75
Almond Joy2.00
PB Chews2.00

Non-Candy Notes

We scored a few pieces of non-candy. One of the best scores was the Glow in the Dark Skeleton. The pumpkin bookmarks were a hit with the boys, as well as the Ice/Heat packs we received from The Liberty Clinic. We also scored 3 new Orange Full Size Frisbees. This is easily one of the best Non-Candy Halloween nights we've had.

Candy Counts

Total Counts are show in the table below.

222 Pieces counted overall. This does not count a "few" pieces we enjoyed celebrating the epic Halloween Haul. Still its a good gauge of how much free candy the boys brought home.

Here are the counts for each Tier.

Milky Way161
M & M51
Kit Kat31
Crunch Bar81
Reeses Pieces11
Reeses PB41
Milk Duds11
Peanut M&M12
Sour Patch Kids22
3 Muskateers82
Starburst Tropical12
Laffy Taffy Straw22
Laffy Taffy Apple12
Laffy Taffy Cherry12
Wildberry Skittles22
Tootsie Rolls - Midgees82
Tootsie Rolls - logs42
Tootsie Rolls - Skinny Logs32
Flavored Tootsie Rolls - orange23
Flavored Tootsie Rolls - Blue13
Flavored Tootsie Rolls - Green43
Flavored Tootsie Rolls - yellow13
Mike and Ike13
Air head13
Lemon Head13
Nerds - grape23
Nerds - strawberry13
Scooby Sour Apple13
Krispie Treat23
Sweet Tarts13
Gum Sticks34
Almond Joy14
Mystery Pixie Stick24
PB Chew14
Banana Laffy Taffy14
Life Save Gummy14
Double Bubble24
Bubble Yum14
Fruit Snacks5Bags
Cheese Balls2Bags
Glow in the Dark Skeleton1Non Candy
Bookmarks2Non Candy
Ice/Heat Packs2Non Candy
Frisbee3Non Candy
Mini Tootsie Roll Pop12Sucker
Tootsie Pops2Sucker
Dum Dums15Sucker
Jolly Rancher Pops2Sucker


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