Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Open Data Kansas City

Several metro areas are exposing more and more data to the public. Kansas City uses the service Socrata as a data portal to serve up all kinds of information about the city. If you have not explored the data available to the fine citizens of Kansas City, make your way https://data.kcmo.org/ and check it out.

Tornado Siren Location

One cool data set they recently released is the Tornado Siren Location. They are claiming 100% coverage on the metro area with the Tornado Siren System. Using the open data portal I was able to quickly dump the data to a CSV file and map it out using Google maps. Of course the data portal will make a map for you, but the option to download the data is a great feature if you are planning to use the data some other way.

What else

Perhaps you are looking for answers to these questions.

Tons and tons of interesting information available through the web site.


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