Saturday, August 22, 2015

Amazon Dash Button Hack

I stumbled on Ted Benson's Amazon Dash Button hack article earlier this week and thought, man I have to try this out. I ordered the Amazon Dash Gatorade button to give it a go.

At first I wanted to try and get this to work on Windows. I am sure it is doable but I hit a snag in one of the Python scripts. Instead of hacking my way through the scripts I decided to punt and try the Linux route.

I had just recently installed CentOS 7 on an old netbook we had laying around.

So I set out to use it as the ARP sniffer. Ted lays out the high level instructions in his article and it was pretty easy to follow along.

I was able to get this working with Python 2.7. Installing Scapy was a pretty easy.

I also had to install the requests module using a similar set of commands. This was a new build so you may already have requests installed. From there I grabbed Ted's sample code and tweaked it.

The count = 10 will set your script to send 10 probes. If you set that to 0 it will probe until you kill it. Here is a Youtube video of the hack in action:

So now you have a low cost Do button that you can use for all sorts of different projects. I will try and keep you posted on some of the stuff I end up doing.


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