Monday, August 31, 2015

Running your name

A while back I thought it would be cool to run my name. So I did. Blog post over...wait no. Back in August 2012 I ran my first name around my then current job at JHA. I went cursive mode and it turned out pretty good IMO.

Fast forward to Friday last week. I got a hankering to run my name again. This time I wanted to run first name and last name (technically shortened version of my first name). Since I am working downtown now there are tons of options for routes and I was quickly able to chart a course. I stepped through the instructions using Route Planner, 53 instructions in all, and decided to go for the run last Friday.

Router Planner estimated about 5.2 miles. I am the lucky owner of two, count em, two cell phones right now. My personal phone is on Sprint and my work phone is on Verizon. I usually track all my runs using RunKeeper on my Sprint phone.

First Attempt

Sprint GPS struggled a bit with the tall buildings downtown. The instructions were on point but the GPS hosed up the t in Story. I know for a fact I ran that portion of the run correctly. I almost hosed up at the e in Joe since you have to cut down an alley. I about went the wrong way but quickly corrected.

Not 100% satisfied with the way the name turned out I decided to have another go today. Today I used my work phone on Verizon. Verizon too struggled with the t but it appeared to keep better track of the run overall. I opened up the activity on RunKeeper and modified the t to more accurately portray the run. Other than that the map is un-edited.

So there we have it. I have now successfully run my name. I have left my digital mark on downtown. I may run it a few more times after vacation and snap a few pics of the route. Here are some more shots of the second run. I used GPS visualizer to build these maps.


  1. Joe, what a hoot. I enjoyed this very much. Do you know yet whether you have many imitators?

  2. Roger that Uncle Morris. There are a lot of runners that spell out words or draw pictures using GPS. Glad you liked the post.