Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Super Mega Baseball 2016 Sirloins Game 3

It is safe to say I now realize how much work this is. 30 something regular season games...sheesh what was I thinking. Oh well. I have played I think up to game 6 here is the Game 3 review.

Game 3 features a clash against the Moose. The Moose sent out their ace hurler Horstman. Horstman shutem down in the fist at what looked like a long day for the Sirloins batters.

Things changed quickly in the second when this happened.

  • Hammer steps in Bottom of the second singles to left
  • Royal follows up and crushes a 470 blast to dead center
  • Benny hits a towering shot off the top of the center field wall for a long single
  • Jake Pounders is the next batter...415 bomb to left center, no doubts.
  • Glovey hits a rope to center
  • Green Gras hits another blast off the top of the wall and checks in with an RBI Triple
  • Jack Longballo singles in Gras
  • Hammer coming up for second time and the Moose finally stop the bleeding down 6-0

Things get uglier in the Bottom of the 4th for Horstman as a string of hits adds another 3 runs to the score. The Sirloins have a commanding 9-0 lead.

The Sirloins tack on another in the bottom of 5th to go up 10-1. At this point Sirloins ace Blaze is crusing having only given up 1 run.

Bottom of 6th another big inning for the Sirloins

  • Jack smokes a laser shot to left 387ft with Green Gras aboard. 2run blast
  • Hammer follows with a single
  • Jake Poundes just misses a 2 run shot for out 3

The final nail in the coffin for Horstman's day was in the bottom of 7 after Blaze steps up. Blaze jacks a 375ft solo shot to left finally chasing Horstman from the game.

Vaughn comes in to close it down. Final 13-3.


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