Monday, August 31, 2015

Dash Button Project 1: Anger Study

So I recently purchased an Amazon Dash button and I am using it as a basic Internet connected button to track and do stuff (check this article out). So what are we going to count. I thought a fun first project would be an informal anger study. Starting on 8/23 and ending today at 8/31 we started tracking the anger level of the house.

The basic idea was simple, if you are mad you have to push the angry button (Gatorade Dash Button). The button would record the date and time the button was pushed. We could then track the results to gauge when our family gets angry.

Now remember we have a four year old in the house so that can skew the numbers a bit. Skew both in increased angry moments and increased in angry button overuse (pushing the button when not really angry). But looking at the numbers it appears we have a decent data set to look at.

8/23/2015 8:41Anger Button Pushed
8/23/2015 12:34Anger Button Pushed
8/23/2015 12:36Anger Button Pushed
8/23/2015 12:52Anger Button Pushed
8/23/2015 13:52Anger Button Pushed
8/23/2015 16:26Anger Button Pushed
8/23/2015 16:59Anger Button Pushed
8/23/2015 17:53Anger Button Pushed
8/23/2015 19:56Anger Button Pushed
8/24/2015 11:50Anger Button Pushed
8/24/2015 11:52Anger Button Pushed
8/24/2015 14:46Anger Button Pushed
8/24/2015 16:26Anger Button Pushed
8/24/2015 16:26Anger Button Pushed
8/24/2015 16:28Anger Button Pushed
8/24/2015 17:34Anger Button Pushed
8/25/2015 7:23Anger Button Pushed
8/25/2015 19:37Anger Button Pushed
8/25/2015 20:16Anger Button Pushed
8/26/2015 8:18Anger Button Pushed
8/26/2015 18:15Anger Button Pushed
8/27/2015 18:08Anger Button Pushed
8/27/2015 20:41Anger Button Pushed
8/30/2015 13:10Anger Button Pushed
8/30/2015 17:58Anger Button Pushed
8/31/2015 16:45Anger Button Pushed
8/31/2015 16:48Anger Button Pushed
8/31/2015 20:48Anger Button Pushed

So above is the raw data. A few findings.

  • We get mad around meal times
    • 5 instances around lunch (11:00-13:00ish)
    • 7 instances around dinner time (17:00ish)
  • 8/27 - had an anger instance around bed time @ 20:41
  • 8/23 - someone got a little mad before church @ 8:41
  • 8/23 - recorded the most instances of anger. May have been due to the fact that the anger button was new that day, or maybe cause its Sunday and we spend more time with each other on Sunday.
  • 8/25 - got mad early that day @ 7:23AM
  • At times the person that was angry got more angry when someone said "go push the mad button"
  • At other times people forgot that they were mad when told to push the mad button. Sometimes pushing the button would diffuse the situation.
This of course does not tell you who got angry but does show the instances of anger among the 4 of us living in this house.

Not sure what we will track next but this has been a fun first Amazon Dash Button project.

I also noticed some other ARP probes while trying to capture the Amazon button push. Thought that was pretty interesting. Wonder what these devices are??? I'll see if I can track em down.

Our ARP sniffer gets no love...just a lowly netbook sitting on top of another computer.

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  1. This is amazing! I'm also going to laugh when the UPS man drops off a pallet of gatorade in front of your house.